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Behavior Services

CREA's behavior program:

  • Directly administers services or models strategies for increasing positive relationships, compliance, and engagement services for behaviorally or emotionally disturbed students for the purpose of improved functioning and ensuring program eligibility and compliance with established guidelines.

  • Conducts or assists in developing interventions, functional behavior assessments, and behavior plans for the purpose of providing a safe and effective educational environment for students with challenging behaviors.

  • Assists educators in understanding the different causes of challenging behavior, principles of effective reinforcement, teaching new behaviors, and implementing strategies to decrease and/or eliminate problematic behavior.​


CREA also provides professional development, on-going coaching, and on-site support for individual teachers, small groups of teachers, or entire staffs on topics including, but not limited to:

  • Creating a solid classroom management foundation

  • Identifying preventative procedures, structures, and strategies

  • Implementing verbal and non-verbal strategies and techniques that encourage cooperation, problem solving skills, and positive, trusting relationships 

  • Conducting Functional Behavior Assessments

  • Using different types of behavior data to create individualized Behavior Plans

  • Explain, model, and co-teach strategies for teaching students with Specific Learning Disabilities, Emotional Disturbances, or Autism Spectrum Disorders



IEP Compliance  Services


The CREA is ready to help your school with a variety of IEP services from general compliance to data-driven IEP accountability for student success. Our Behavior Specialist, Kayla Vandal holds a Masters Degree in Elementary Education and is licensed as a Special Education Strategist with credentials in emotional disturbances and specified learning disabilities. Using the NDMTSS framework, a proactive approach to provide all students the best opportunities to succeed academically and behaviorally, Kayla can provide professional learning and direct services matched to student need. 

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