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The Extended School Program (ESP) provides a safe, educational environment for students in before and after school and summer programs. 

The ESP program will strive to increase students' skills in their reading levels, mathematical abilities, and science knowledge. ESP also provides social and recreational opportunities to help your child become a more well-rounded young individual. 

The majority of our locally run school sites are under the state-funded 21st Century Grant. This includes Custer, Dorothy Moses, Mary Stark, Myhre, Pioneer, Roosevelt, Miller, Burlington, and  Will-Moore. This grant also helps support sites at Cannon Ball, Sterling, and Sawyer. The remainder of our sites are funded by CREA dollars and include Lincoln, Wilton, and Mandan Middle School.

Site Information


Shelby Bohl
ESP Director
701.751.4041 Ext. 119

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Christan Koppy
Assistant Director
701.751.4041 Ext. 119

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