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Counseling Services

CREA provides comprehensive direct counseling services for K-12 schools due to a shortage of available counselors in order to fulfill state mandated student counseling requirements.​ Our Program is dedicated to providing students academic, career, and social/personal growth lessons throughout the school year. 

CREA partnered with the University of Mary in 2016 to create the Counseling Internship program. This program provides a paid internship for graduate students. Now in our fifth year, our Counseling Program, with a full time School counselor and 3 interns, provide lessons for 897 students.


Counseling Program 



The CREA school counseling program covers the college, career, and life readiness skills that all students need, and follows the American School Counseling Association’s Mindsets and Behaviors (school counseling standards) that focus on academic, career, and social/emotional development. Regular classroom lessons are provided to help students learn important knowledge, skills, and behaviors needed to succeed in school and life, as well as to help prevent problems like bullying. Individual and small group counseling are also offered to address more serious challenges/issues as needed. Additionally, the program ensures that state college and career planning requirements are met, including student interest inventories, four year plans, and test interpretation.


Contact Kayla Henes

701-751-4041 Ext. 114

The CREA has partnered with the University of Mary to create a a school counseling internship program. This has helped meet the needs of some member schools by hiring school counseling interns who are supervised by the CREA’s school counselor/counseling coordinator. The schools benefit from being able to hire qualified candidates for positions that are often otherwise difficult to fill, and the interns benefit by gaining quality experience and supervision through a paid internship.



Mandated Trainings

*Price depends on training

CREA provides mandated trainings to our member districts.


  • Suicide prevention, youth mental health, social emotional learning, and bullying trainings:

       Suicide prevention and youth mental health professional development include specific trainings such as QPR, Trauma         Sensitive Schools, Youth Mental Health First Aid, and Sources of Strength, More information on the specific 

       programs can be found on DPI's Youth Behavioral Health and Suicide Prevention Professional Development       

          Fact Sheet:


  • Social emotional learning and bullying workshops are also offered to help meet the state mandated training requirement. In addition, other training options may be available upon request.