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Counseling Services

The vision of the CREA School Counseling program in partnership with schools is to empower all students to be successful in an ever changing world. 

One of the direct services CREA provides is a school counseling program led by licensed educators whose mission is to empower all students to reach their fullest potential by providing a comprehensive school counseling program guided by the American School Counseling Association (ASCA)National Model. ASCA provides a framework with mindsets, behaviors and skills in the areas of academic, social/emotional and career development where the focus is on school achievement. The CREA school counseling program covers the college, career, and life readiness skills that all students need in preparation for this ever-changing world. 


The CREA school counseling program partners with universities to provide placement and supervision while individuals complete graduate school. Previous universities that CREA has partnered with include, The University of Mary, The University of North Dakota, and Walden University. 

CREA School Counselors believe...

  • It is our purpose to advocate for the success of all students.

  • All students will be treated with respect and dignity in a safe and inclusive environment.

  • All students will be provided with a proactive and comprehensive school counseling program.

  • All students will develop life skills to be a successful member of society.

Some things you might see us doing...

  • Classroom Lessons

  • Small Group Instruction for identified needs

  • Short-term Individual Counseling

  • Responsive Services 

  • System Supports 

  • Academic Advising for Students

  • Consulting Teachers 

  • Career Development/Education

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Kayla Henes, Counseling Director

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