Full Service Community Schools

What are Full-Service Community Schools? 

Full-Service Community Schools (FSCS) are both a place and a set of partnerships that take a whole-child approach to student success. Full-Service Community Schools are a hub within their neighborhood where supports are provided for students and their families inside the school. Leveraging partnerships with community resources to provide these in-school supports are at the heart of the FSCS model. 

Why Full-Service Community Schools?

Not all students come to school ready to learn due to a variety of barriers that get in the way of academic success. Factors such as hunger, mental and behavioral health, early childhood development, family engagement and access to extended learning opportunities all play a role in the academic success of a child. The mission of FSCS is to partner with community resources to provide the supports needed to overcome these barriers, leading to improved student learning, stronger families and healthier communities. 

North Dakota Full-Service Community Schools Consortium

The North Dakota Full Service Community Schools Consortium exists to establish and coordinate a statewide framework for FSCS. The NDFSCS Consortium actively supports schools pursuing the FSCS model, providing the necessary tools for implementation and integration of supports. The NDFSCS Consortium operates on the pillars of innovation, collaboration and sustainability. 

Full-Service Community Schools in Motion

Extended Learning Opportunities
Family and Community Engagement
Academic Support
Early Childhood Development
Workforce Readiness
Community Based Supports
Health and Wellness
Juvenile Crime Prevention and Rehabilitation


FSCS Statewide Film


Community Schools: 

Guiding Principles

Build On Community Strengths To Ensure Conditions For Learning

Use Data And Community Wisdom To Guide Partnerships, Programs and Progress 

Commit To Interdependence And Shared Accountability 

Invest In Building Trusting Relationships 

Invest In A Whole-Child Approach To Education 

Pursue Equity 

For a listing of community service organizations participating in this program, please click here

The Power of Partnerships: Relationships Matter 

Full-service community schools are built upon each community’s strengths. Effective community partnerships in schools include a shared vision, recognition of need and a passion for what’s best for students. We should involve all sectors of our community – public schools belong to the public. Partnerships across various stakeholder groups are key to the success of the full-service community schools model. This includes parents, families, school staff, students, neighbors and local organizations and service providers. 

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