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Full-Service Community Schools

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Who We Are

The North Dakota Full-Service Community Schools (FSCS) is comprised of partners across various sectors who share the mission of supporting schools, students and families across the state. 

What Is A Full-Service Community School?

Full-Service Community Schools are both a place and set of partnerships that serve as a hub to a neighborhood or community. Full-Service Community Schools partner with other organizations to provide a coordinated and integrated set of comprehensive supports. 

FSCS Statewide Film
Why Is The Full-Service Community School Model Important?

Not all students come to school ready to learn. Challenges such as hunger, behavioral health, access to early childhood education, and family engagement can be barriers to student success. Additionally, not all schools have the resources to provide for students and family needs. The FSCS model promotes partner collaboration, so schools don't' have to navigate these challenges alone. 

A Full-Service Community School coordinates comprehensive supports for students and families through partnerships in the following pipeline service areas:

Early Childhood Development
Family Engagement
Remedial & Academic Enrichment Activities
Community-Based Supports
  •  Primary Health & Dental Care
  • Nutrition & Physical Activity
  • Behavioral Health Supports
Juvenile Justice & Delinquency Prevention
Workforce Readiness
  • Adult Education
  • Service-Learning Opportunities
  • Job Training & Career Counseling
Mentoring & Other Youth Development Programs
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NDFSCS Outcomes

Improve Family Engagement

Improve Community Engagement

Improve Whole-Child Education

Improve Student Attendance

Improve Student Behavior

Improve Student Academic Achievement

Improve Student Engagement

Improve Choice Readiness

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