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Multicultural Educational
Resources and Supports

The purpose of the Multicultural Educational Resources and Supports is to connect and encourage collaboration around diversity programming and education.  

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These resources will help with educating the communities about diversity and become the catalyst for a series of changes in the REA community that will help cultivate a positive climate. The center will house cultural events programming, teaching resources by curriculum area and other resources for teachers, students, parents and other interested individuals.  We strive toward nurturing learning and the achievement of personal and educational goals through cultural enrichment, peer tutoring, mentoring and leadership activities in schools.   ​

We are committed to: 

  • Providing the highest quality services and programs to our constituents 

  • Respecting and valuing the differences which enrich our lives and working toward greater diversity and inclusiveness 

  • Build relationships to establish a broader community network 

Multicultural Center for Educational Res

Resources, Services, and Supports

Culture Team: 
Dr. Kathy Froelich -  Indigenous Cultural Coordinator
Dr. Melissa Spelchen -   Healthy Youth Community and Social Service Specialist
Maranda Obradovic - English Language Specialist
Raven Warren - CREA Office Manager

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