Myhre Elementary

Program Overview:

Our philosophy at the Extended School Program (ESP) is to provide a safe and caring environment for children to further assist in their educational growth and success. Our program will provide before school, after school, and summer program for students.

The ESP program will strive to increase student's skills in their reading levels, mathematical abilities and science knowledge.

As well, the program will provide social and recreational opportunities to help your child become a more well-rounded young individual.

The Myhre Extended School Program is funded through the 21st Century Community Learning Center grant. The program is 65% educational and provides a safe and nurturing environment for students to spend time after school. The program operates when school is in session (follows the BPS calendar) with the exception of three afternoons (the afternoon before Thanksgiving, afternoon before Winter Break, and the afternoon of the last day of school). There is a summer program that will operate during the months of June and July. 


The school year program will provide a before school program and after school program. Daily activities of this program include homework completion, tutoring, recreational activities and utilizing "MindWorks" a fun activity-based curriculum with emphasis on math, reading and science.







Fee Structure

School year Fee Structure (per month):

Full Paying: 1 student $130, 2 students $180, 3 or more students $230

Reduced Paying: 1 student $60, 2 students $90, 3 or more students $120

Free Paying: 1 student $25, 2 students $35, 3 or more students $45


The summer program will be offered for a period of time in the summer months. This program is also 65% educational and provides a safe and nurturing place for students to go during the summer. Students will participate in fun educational activities as well as recreational activities. The program hours are 7:30 am until 5:30 pm. 


Summer Fee Structure

To be determined 










Site Coordinator:

Georgia Knutson

Phone: 701-391-8517




Hours of operation:

before school 7:00-8:00am

after school until 5:30pm

*Any late pick-ups after 5:30pm will result in a late fee that is due upon arrival.



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School Website:




Please make sure to keep your receipts the site gives you after a payment is made. Your receipt is the only tax form that will be given to you.

The CREA/ESP Tax ID# is 83-3594823

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