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Online Resources

This resource guide gives tips and advice, and some helpful websites/apps that teachers can utilize online. It is broken down by grade level.

NIEA exists to bring Native educators together to explore ways to improve schools and the education of Native children

LPI has compiled a list of online resources to support educators, parents, social-emotional learning, students with exceptional needs, and English learners. Applicable to all grade levels.

This article provides support and guidance to educators currently navigating the COVID-19 crisis to teach in an online/distance learning environment. Applicable to all grade levels.

This is the home of the newly adopted North Dakota Native American Essential Understandings (NDNAEU) as well as a growing collection of Elder video interviews, lesson plans and other resources dedicated to helping Educators incorporate the NDNAEU into their classrooms and curriculum.

North Dakota Senate Bill 2304, passed in 2021, requires all elementary and secondary public and nonpublic schools in the state to include curriculum on Native American history. This includes implementation within the required North Dakota Studies, which provides emphasis on the geography, history, agriculture and the federally recognized Indian tribes in the state, in the fourth and eighth grades. 

North Dakota Learning Principles Indigenous Approaches and Methods for All Learners. Download North Dakota Learning Principles & Posters here.


This webpage offers a list of online read-aloud videos of well-known published children’s stories. Most applicable to grade levels K-3.

Easily accessible digital books for reading aloud or independent early readers. Most applicable to grades PK-2.

For teachers or schools who are printing materials, these can be sent to students who do not have internet access. Most applicable to grades K-3.

Online Resources
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