New Teacher Support Program

The Central Regional Education Association has set forth an initiative to develop and implement a New Teacher Support Program for first-year teachers employed by the schools districts that are members of CREA. The benefits of this program will provide first year teachers with a professional growth opportunity, ongoing support/guidance, and professional dialogue with colleagues.

What is involved in participating in the New Teacher Program?

The group meets monthly in the evenings from 3:30pm – 4:45 pm throughout the school year. Participants will engage in quality training and collaboration on timely topics lead by regional educational leaders. Sessions will be held both online and in person in Minot. Participants will be notified in advance via first class or email of the specifics for each class location.

Cohort 1 Schedule
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Cohort 2 Schedule

Monthly Topics:

➢Monday, September 30th (Minot) Program Introduction, Parent Teacher Conference Prep, Microsoft Teams Overview   

➢Wednesday, October 2nd (Online) Absent Practices   -- Register Here

➢Wednesday, November 6th (Online) Classroom Management -- Register Here

➢Thursday, November 14th (Minot) TSS Training Date – Module 1 & 2 Regional Training   -- Register Here

➢Monday, December 2nd (Minot) TSS Training Date – Module 3 & 4 Regional Training  -- Register Here

➢Wednesday, December 4th (Online) Tech Tools and Integration 

➢Wednesday, December 9th (Minot) Love and Logic

➢Wednesday, January 8th (Minot) TSS Training Date – Module 5 Regional Training

➢Wednesday, January 22nd (Online) Leave your Lecture (Student Engagement)

➢Wednesday, February 17th (Minot) Misbehavior Management

➢Wednesday, March 4th (Online) Special Education Must Knows

➢Wednesday, March 16th (Minot) ESL (English Secondary Language)

➢Wednesday, April 15th (Online) Data Utilization

➢Wednesday, May 6th (Online) Anatomy of a Lesson Plan (Instructional Design)

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