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CREA Staff Feature: Kathy Froelich

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

CREA Cultural Coordinator Kathy Froelich, has stayed busy this year partnering with several initiatives to develop and promote culture and language. Kathy met with Margaret Yellowbird, Culture & Language teacher at White Shield School; Logan Sutton, Linguist; and Tony LoneFight, MHA Culture Director, to create a youth board that will involve youth in planning events and activities that enhance awareness of culture and language in White Shield.

Additionally, Kathy has recently collaborated with representatives from United Tribes on several exciting projects that include:

  • Finalizing a STEM Mobile Unit that will travel to various locations to complete STEM lessons with students.

  • Development of an interpretive trail at United Tribes that will enhance knowledge of cultural plants and geography.

  • Creation of an outdoor classroom that will provide cultural modules, STEM activities, and culture & language lessons that will be available to students regionally.

Lastly, Kathy is assisting with a new air quality unit and program at Sitting Bull College. As a result of a NASA grant that the college received, this opportunity will involve not only Sitting Bull College students but also middle and high school students.

Anyone interested in learning more about any of the above initiatives or to speak with Kathy about Culture and Language options for your school, please email

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