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ND eCare School Health Program

The ND eCare School Health Program provides all day access to experienced school nurses, using real-time audio/video technology. The innovative technology provides the nurse the ability to assess the student’s temperature, view rashes with a special derm camera, look into the ears & throat with an otoscope, as well as listen to heart and lung sounds with a stethoscope. We support students with COVID-like symptoms, injuries, daily healthcare needs like diabetes management and more. We also do the follow up work of calling parents, documenting the visit in the student information system health suite as well as care coordination.

The School Health program was designed to consider each school’s unique needs. The Nurse Extender service allows us to partner with onsite school nurses, who may cover multiple buildings or work limited hours in a district, to ensure school nurse coverage all day every day. The Primary School Nurse service brings a complete health service package to schools that do not have an onsite school nurse by completing student visits, as well as managing students with chronic health conditions, training staff and being a health resource in the development of IEP and 504 plans.

Recently a new grant was awarded to our partners at Avera eCARE which will cover 90-100% of the cost of the program for qualifying schools. ESSER allocations may also be used to offset program costs.

Contact Liz Tofteland, RN at to schedule a virtual demonstration showcasing the technology and discuss how this program may serve your student’s needs. Thank you for your consideration and we look forward to hearing from you.

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