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United Public School

"Since we are not able to highlight our student organizations with pep rallies in the gym, our Student Council has started making 3-5-minute videos of each organization to play to all students during a set time. We then have shared the video link with parents via Facebook, website, and newsletter. The videos, thus far, have just been of still shots with music playing. We will see how creative they get as the year moves along.
 We also implemented a theme day each month for teachers. We started with Superhero shirts since we have all been working "super" hard on adapting lesson plans, teaching to in-person and online students at the same time, and helping each other out with tech issues.  This month it was to wear clothing from the college you graduated from to support College Application Day. All teachers that participate have their names put in a drawing each time for a $25 gift card, sponsored by our Boosters Club." - Kristi Schaefer

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