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Understanding Indigenous Culture in ND Series

Although our state’s K-12 social studies standards and required U.S. and North Dakota history courses have long included instruction on Native American tribes, it wasn’t until the passage of SB 2304 in the 67th Legislative Assembly (2021) that an emphasis on this history and its instruction became a requirement in state law for all elementary and secondary schools.

Follow CREA’s “Understanding Indigenous Culture” Series to learn how we’re supporting educators following the passage of legislation to add an emphasis on Native American history and culture!


November celebrated Native American Heritage Month, but CREA wants to continue to share the rich culture and diversity of the students within our classrooms and families within our communities. Many educators are already deeply knowledgeable about Native American culture, history, and traditions, and some are even trained in using culturally responsive teaching practices to better understand the uniqueness of each student and engage all of them in learning. We recognize that others, however, are not as familiar. That reality makes it difficult and uncomfortable at times to know where to start, who to go to, what to say, and how to ask for help in expanding our own understanding and supporting our own desire to learn.


Providing consistent, relevant, and accurate information couldn’t be timelier as CREA assists our schools and educators in implementing a greater emphasis on and understanding of Native American history, culture, and traditions. This content - brief interviews, did-you-knows or who-you-should-knows, Native traditions, and reliable resources – will be shared in ways that are easy to learn, important to understand, and achievable for educators within any content area and of any grade level to increase their own knowledge and understanding, to integrate into their classrooms and conversations, and to connect with and support all students in our schools.


Follow CREA as we continue our “Understanding Indigenous Culture” Series for simple ways to incorporate and integrate Native American culture into lessons within your curriculum, activities in your classroom, and conversations with your students and families!

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