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Poverty Simulation

1 in 9 residents in ND lives below the poverty line*.

Unless you have experienced this reality firsthand, it can be difficult to understand.

This poverty simulation is an interactive immersion group experience designed to bridge the gap from misconception to understanding of the realities of living in poverty. In this simulation, participants are assigned to a “family” where they face common challenges and scenarios of living week-to-week on a low-income budget. The objective of the simulation is to promote awareness, increase empathy, and inspire local change.

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To learn more or to schedule a poverty simulation at your school, please contact: or 701-557-7049

"I have worked in the school system for 17 years and it wasn’t until I took this poverty simulation that I got an actual firsthand look at what some of our students go through. As a result, it has made me a better teacher and community member."

Kristi Reinke, Minot Public Schools Educator and 2021 ND Teacher of the Year

"This simulation really opens your eyes to what community organizations do on a daily basis to serve people and help alleviate some of the stressors of living in poverty."

Jalisa Tinnes, Assistant Director, Companions for Children

*Source: Child Wellbeing Indicators & Data | KIDS COUNT Data Center

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