School Retool

School Retool is a professional development fellowship that helps school leaders redesign school culture using small, scrappy experiments called “hacks.” Hacks may start small, but they're built on research-based practices that lead to Deeper Learning, and can create the kind of big change we aspire to—namely, preparing students for life in the real world.

After 3.5 months of hacking and learning, you'll go home with a shiny, new process for change, a handful of like-minded principals on speed dial, and the start of a retooled school.


Core Fellowship Elements

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Framework for Change

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Equity + Hack Mindsets

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Content: "Big Ideas"

Application Released - August 16, 2019​

Application Due - August 30, 2019​

Notification - September 3, 2019​ 

The Experience

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3 cups


Dec 9th- Minot


Dec 11 - Bismarck

Nov 6.

Simle - Bismarck


Magic City Campus - Minot

Oct. 23


1½ cups


Jan 15



Unlock school leaders' hacking mindsets to create a culture of Deeper Learning

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Build commitment to Deeper Learning

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Include students furthest from opportunity

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Empower and motivate leaders to hack