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Trauma Sensitive Schools

One in four children have been exposed to a traumatic event that may have a lasting impact on the well-being and functioning of students and their families. By understanding how trauma impacts students and adopting a trauma-informed approach, educators can play a crucial role in mitigating both the short and long term effects of trauma. This interactive workshop will leave you with a renewed commitment to reach some of the most vulnerable students and their families.

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Trauma Sensitive Training of Trainers

Interested in becoming a Trauma Sensitive Schools Trainer? Contact Natalie Couture to learn more!

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Curriculum Objectives 

Participants will:​

1.    Understand the term child traumatic stress and know what types of experiences

constitute childhood trauma.

2.    Understand the impact of trauma on the brain development and behavior of


3.    Learn how the impact of traumatic stress can be prevented and/or mitigated by

the use of trauma-informed responses and strategies. 

4.    Identify “secondary traumatic stress” and learn strategies for taking care of You

5.    Describe a framework for creating a “trauma-informed” culture. 

This curriculum was sponsored by North Dakota Department of Public Instruction and created by Heather Simonich to provide a meaningful opportunity for schools to learn about childhood trauma and prepare to mitigate its effects on children.

Trauma Sensitive School training is designed to be provided over three,

2-hour professional development sessions  However, they can be tailored to fit the varying duration of professional development sessions. For example, it is possible to deliver this curriculum in two, 3-hour professional development sessions, or six, 1-hour sessions. It is often necessary to extend the team to allow for dialogue among staff while they discuss the many topics.

Costs are based on the number of participants and hours

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