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English Language Services

Once school districts have served EL students during the school year, they receive funding at the end of the year. We believe that it would be advantageous for each school to employ a coordinator who will oversee EL programming. Based on the FTE guidelines from the state (maximum of 40 students), we suggest .025 FTE (1 hr/wk) per EL student that would work with the MREC EL Specialist on the following:


  • Reporting

  • Scheduling

  • Test ordering and preparation

  • Proctoring

  • Activities with student

  • Parent/Teacher Liaison

  • Admin. Assistant

  • Technical Assistance

MREC will use a multi-district approach to support EL coordinators/teachers and to provide EL Services in your districts.

MREC Title III Consortium members receive:

  • Two EL trainings per year;

  • consultations with MREC EL specialist;

  • EL Coordinator support and coaching;

  • First priority for contracted services with the MREC EL Specialist.



Schools who wish to contract with MREC for EL Specialist is here to assist any new EL Coordinator or provide contracted EL Services


Maranda Obradovic

EL Specialist