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English Language Services

CREA Title III Consortium members receive:

  • Two EL trainings per year;

  • consultations with CREA EL specialist;

  • EL Coordinator support and coaching;

  • First priority for contracted services with the CREA EL Specialist

    • English proficiency ​screening and placement for students that are identified as needing EL support

    • Parent notification

    • Individual Language Plan (ILP) writing assistance

    • Administering ACCESS testing during the testing window

    • ACCESS reporting

    • Program exiting 

    • On-site support as needed

The EL program is an English language development program using content for the development of Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing skills. Once school districts have served EL students during the school year, they receive funding at the end of the year. We believe that it would be advantageous for each school to employ a coordinator who will oversee EL programming. Based on the FTE guidelines from the state (maximum of 40 students), we suggest .025 FTE (1 hr/wk) per EL student that would work with the CREA EL Specialist on the following:

  • Support with the completion and integration of Home Language Surveys for Kindergarten students and all new registrations,

  • Reminders of important dates, deadlines such as ACCESS for ELs annual English proficiency testing materials order deadlines,

  • The ability to use my name and credentials as your districts' EL coordinator (if you previously had no EL students, you will be obligated to notify me if EL students do arrive at your school)

  • Off-site technical assistance, consultation, and support (via phone or web)

  • Training on effective English Language instruction

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For more information, contact:
Maranda Obradovic
EL Specialist

EL Services and Fees for 2020-2021

EL Screening Services - $250 – up to 5 students; $50 for each additional student 

  1. English proficiency screening and program placement for identified students            

    • Using the Home Language Survey and the WIDA Online Screener 

EL Support Services - $1,000 per student per year – invoiced at the end of the school year  

Services provided:

       2. Parent notifications 

  • Assistance with contacting parents and families when needed 

        3. Individual Language Plan (ILP) writing assistance and ILP team meeting 

        4. Coaching for teachers or paras working with students in need of EL support 

        5. Off-site support 

        6. On-site support as needed 

        7. Administration of ACCESS testing during the testing window 

        8. ACCESS reporting and program exiting 

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