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Who We Are

Central Regional Education Association (CREA) is one of seven regional education associations that supports learners, educators, and schools in central North Dakota. CREA is a consortium of 57 school districts spanning from the Canadian to the South Dakota borders by providing professional development, programs, and services to meet school districts' unique needs.  



The mission of the Central Regional Education Association is to serve a purpose and make a difference in every school, no matter how big or small.


The vision of the Central Regional Education Association is to be the premier organization that provides leadership and is adaptable to the ever-changing needs of the schools and the students they educate.

Ready for School
Business Meeting


The purpose of the Central Regional Education Association is to build meaningful relationships with our members in order to respond to their needs.

Guided By Our Values

Our work is guided by values that we identify with and hold ourselves accountable to.


We prioritize integrity, ensuring trust in our commitments - doing what we say, and saying what we do.


We relentlessly support schools, educators, and learners in every action we take.

Collaborative Independence

We collaborate effectively while maintaining individual accountability and leadership.

Action + Reflection

We balance swift action with reflection for continuous improvement.


We strive to sustain relevance through meaningful, and innovative assistance to reach all learners.

If you’d like more information about our work, get in touch today.

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