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The mission of the CREA is to serve a purpose and make a difference in every school, no matter how big or small. 



The vision of the CREA is to be the premier organization that provides leadership and is adaptable to the ever-changing needs of the schools and the students they educate. 



The purpose of the CREA is to build meaningful relationships with our members in order to respond to their needs. 


The CREA works diligently to ensure these values in their workforce:

  • Integrity

    • We believe that we must be dedicated to our schools and our work in order to assist schools in a responsive manner. This requires an assurance to our members that they can trust us to deliver. ​

  • Support

    • We work tirelessly to help our schools, to assist our educators, and to keep improving for students. Each action we take should answer the question, "How can I help you?"

  • Collaborative Independence

    •  Based on the wide variance of our programs and services, we must be able to work at high levels with partners, participants, and colleagues. Simultaneously we must strive to complete tasks and lead as individuals.

  • Action/Reflection

    • Continuous improvement is a necessity on our organization. We must be able to act quickly to serve our members while engaging in reflection frequently to increase our effectiveness.

  • Relevance

    • We believe that educators deserve the very best and that means getting meaningful assistance that can help them when they return to their school. We must constantly strive to reach all learners, adult and youth alike, through innovative measures.

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