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Join us this summer for our first annual Literacy Summit - built to engage, connect, and inspire North Dakota educators.


Dr. Stephanie Stollar

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Dr. Stephanie Stollar is the founder of Stephanie Stollar Consulting LLC and the creator of The Reading Science Academy. Dr. Stollar is a part-time assistant professor in the online reading science program at Mount St. Joseph University, and a founding member of a national alliance for supporting reading science in higher education. As a board member for the Innovations in Education Consortium, she collaboratively plans the annual MTSS Innovations in Education Conference.  Dr. Stollar has worked as a school psychologist, an educational consultant, and as Vice President for Professional Learning for Acadience Learning Inc. She has provided professional development, conducted research and published in the areas of assessment, early intervention, and collaborative problem solving. She is passionate about aligning practice to research and designing school systems to prevent reading failure. 

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Judi Dodson

Judi is a Consultant for Learning and Development for the 95 Percent Group. In addition, she is a former national LETRS trainer, a national literacy consultant, teaches classes and speaks on topics related to the role of oral language in learning to read, instructional choices that can change and develop the reading brain, the role of language to reinforce foundational skill development, in addition to the impact of trauma on learning and the role of literacy to help heal. Before beginning her literacy consulting work, she worked for 20 years as a special educator in Colorado. Judi is the author of 50 Nifty Activities for Reading Instruction and 50 Nifty Activities for Speaking and Listening: for Oral Language and Comprehension. She is currently working on the upcoming supplemental reading series for developing readers called, Venture Town Readers, which will be published by the 95 Percent Group later in 2024. Judi’s second area of passion is global education for young women. She is the president of Peruvian Hearts, a non-profit organization dedicated to the education, mentorship, and development of leadership for young women in Peru. Judi believes that literacy is a social justice issue, and this adds passion to her work with teachers and students.




Mark your calendars for a bonus film screening of The Right to Read to kickoff the Summit on the evening of July 23rd. Register now to secure your seat! 

The Right to Read

The Right to Read

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